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Pretty useless Widgets: games

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Over the weekend I was checking the Apple site to find some useful widgets. I found some good ones, but in the process of browsing I came across some rather useless "Gaming" widgets. Between all of the strange ones I installed, here are the ones that I find the most useless.

The Guy Who Invented Beer - Comparisons

We all love beer, don't we? The guys behind this widget thought of a simple way to pay their respects to the "guy who invented beer". Every time you open your Dashboard, this widget will give you a quote comparing the guy who invented beer with other "guys" such as the one who invented g-strings, days off, girls, Google Earth etc... Pretty useless widget but it is focused on beer, so woo-hoo ;)

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 4 minutes (you need to open/close the dashboard every time to get a new quote)

Go go redball

This widget could occupy at least a minute or two of your time. It creates a red ball that you can drag and shoot in other corners of your Dashboard. That is it - it just bounces around. The bouncing effect doesn't work so smooth on my computer, but the ball has a nice shading effect. The next time you want to break something, just take the ball and shoot it around.

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 3 minutes

Ask Dave

This widget is a perfect companion to the people without any friends. You can ask Dave any question you want (you actually say it not type it) and Dave will give you one of his "special" generic answers.

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 1 minute

Hula Girl

This widget is wrongly titled hula girl because it is skinnable. You can both change the backgrounds, as well as the characters. We have Hula Girl, Boy, Homer and Jesus. What a combo. When you hover the mouse over the widget, the hula character starts moving.

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 3 minutes (it takes a while to check all the Hulas)

Panda Name Generator

I need to give special credits to this widget. It is really the most unnecessary widget I tried over the whole weekend. It gives you the possibility to enter your name and then it will generate a Panda name based on your input. Why should anyone be interested in using this? The most "interesting" part of my interaction with this widget was trying to break it by feeding different characters and long lines of text - what a blast...

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 4 minutes (30 seconds for trying it, 3:30 minutes on breaking it)

Yoda Widget

This widget lets you enter a text that will be converted into a Yoda type of sentence with his audio interpretation. So for instance when you write "I visited NonStopMac.com", Yoda will say "NonStopMac.com, I visited". As regarding the audio, the widget uses system voices with Whisper as the default.

The amount of time the widget had my attention: 2 minutes


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No this is the most useless widget

Ah, nothing like having other people waste their time so I don't have to. Thanks! The Panda Name Generator reminds me of Food-Eating Battle Monkeys, which definitely DOES need a widget. If anyone else out there besides me can score a perfect 10.0 on Food-Eating Battle Monkeys, let me know (somehow).

Shameless, but useful:

1 minute on Ask Dave?!?! That's harsh. I still use it. Better than a magic 8 ball.

@Jay: Ooops, I forgot about that widget! Installed it a couple of weeks ago and was stunned.

Maybe I'm just retarded but I could not get enough of Hula Girl -- had it running for weeks until I noticed it was taking up %35 CPU!

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